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It is imminent to launch a "war of righting the name" of domestic instruments
Views:701 Date:2019-02-25
Scientific instruments are often referred to as the "eyes" of modern science and technology. The level of self-equipment of scientific instruments is one of the important signs of the country's independent innovation capability.

In recent years, China's investment in scientific research has greatly increased, and the outstanding achievements of domestically produced instruments have emerged. However, for a long time, domestically produced instruments and imported instruments have been in a trade deficit state. Domestically produced instruments have been repeatedly "discriminated" in various purchases. The name of the buyers is still biased towards imported brands. When some scientific research units purchase instruments, they only buy imported ones, even if the price is more than ten times more expensive than domestic ones. Some people ridicule, research funding is allocated, most of the money goes to the hands of foreign instrument manufacturers, and pulling domestic demand actually drives the economy of other countries.

Imported scientific instruments have long dominated the major markets. The reporter learned that in the field of testing instruments, foreign-invested enterprises such as Shimadzu and Agilent have long occupied the Chinese market. The laboratory testing instruments with almost the same functions and parameters have an import price nearly 50% higher than that of the domestic ones, but they still become the first choice for customers.

Fan Fei, general manager of Beijing Pioneer Weifeng Technology Development Co., told the reporter that he had seen the instructions for “requires instruments to support seven foreign languages” in the bidding documents of the prefecture-level city food and drug administration. The tender is not written according to actual needs, but to crowd out domestic equipment and deliberately write high specific indicators.

Why are domestic scientific instruments repeatedly being cold and crowded?

“Researchers don’t dare to waste their money and time.” A biochemical researcher once said, “You (domestic instruments) are cheaper, I don’t have the time and energy to evaluate you.”

The problems he reflects are directed at the current state of mismatch between instrument development and application. The sensitivity, accuracy and stability of a scientific instrument in actual work are all concerns of users when purchasing instruments. These data also reflect the extent to which the instrument is accepted by the market.

"We really want to buy domestically produced instruments. The price is definitely worthwhile, but according to our experience, domestically produced instruments are prone to problems after a period of time. Therefore, it would rather spend a little more money to buy imported instruments." A researcher engaged in virus research The staff said this. Presumably this is also the common feeling of many instrument users in China.

For users, there is no authoritative technical certification data is an important factor in the inability to purchase domestic equipment. Many units do not understand the scope of application of domestically produced instruments and equipment and are afraid of risk, fearing that the technology is not mature, and prefer to purchase imported instruments at high prices.

It is extremely urgent to start a "famous battle" of a domestically produced instrument.

Add:3rd Floor, Building D, Yizhong Science and Technology Park, Jinshadun, Shuikou Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
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