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Instrument manufacturer's fist and foot acquisition is surging
Views:1260 Date:2019-02-25
Faced with the objective situation of the global economic downturn, the endogenous growth of enterprises is unfavorable, and they can only seek out-scale expansion and achieve diversified strategic development through acquisition. At the same time, the relaxed external environment of the national policy provides a fertile ground for the development of the M&A market. In 2018, the M&A market maintained a strong growth momentum and is likely to reach new heights.

Recently, what are the acquisitions in the market, “dust settled”, through the acquisition of products and technologies, to achieve the purpose of strengthening product control, thereby further consolidating the competitive position of the market advantage, let’s take a look:

Beckman Coulter acquires pipecyte supplier of pipetting systems

On January 30, Beckman Coulter, a world-renowned manufacturer of life sciences, announced that it had acquired Labcyte, a privately held liquid handling company. Based in Sunnyvale, California, Labcyte is a global biotechnology company that produces revolutionary pipetting systems. The Echo Acoustic Pipetting System utilizes sound waves for fully automated, non-contact transfer of samples and reagents for precise pipetting.

Labcyte's unique product portfolio complements Beckman Coulter's existing liquid handling and laboratory automation businesses, providing new opportunities to develop and enhance time-saving solutions for customer workflows. Through this acquisition, Labcyte will be integrated into Beckman Coulter, based in Indianapolis, a subsidiary of Danaher.

Hitachi High-Tech Acquires Electronic Source Enterprise APTech: Core Technology for Reinforcing Electron Microscope Business

On January 16, 2019, Hitachi High-Tech Co., Ltd. announced the acquisition of Applied Physics Technologies, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "APTech"), a US electronic source manufacturer, in the form of the acquisition of all issued shares.

After completing the acquisition of APTech, as a trading company that produces high-tech products for advanced industries, Hitachi High-Tech will leverage its global marketing network and marketing advantages to expand sales of APTech products. At the same time, Hitachi High-tech will further develop a series of electronic source technology research and development projects based on APTech technology. This enables synergies between trading companies and manufacturer functions, and provides customers with a complete value chain from R&D to manufacturing, sales and service activities. Luminex Completes Acquisition of MilliporeSigma's Flow Cytometry Combination

Lunminex claims to have completed its previously announced portfolio of flow cytometry products, including stocks, assets and inventories, for the purchase of MilliporeSigma for a total of $75 million. The acquisition is expected to contribute $40 million to $50 million in revenue to Luminex in 2019.

Through this acquisition, Lunminex now expands the company's installed base, including more than 5,000 flow cytometry systems worldwide, adding an impressive footprint and creating additional meaningful growth potential.

Under the new normal of economic development, many traditional industries are facing industrial upgrading and their performance is under pressure. In this context, it is not uncommon for companies to enter new business areas through extensional development or to complete existing product lines through mergers and acquisitions. It is foreseeable that such measures have not only reduced the cost of R&D and production, but also shaped the advantages of the supply chain and rapidly improved the overall competitiveness of the company.

Add:3rd Floor, Building D, Yizhong Science and Technology Park, Jinshadun, Shuikou Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Tel:0769-83019533 / 83019633  
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