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Paying Attention to Importing Instruments in Local Market and Speeding up the Research and Development of New Products
Views:1037 Date:2019-02-25
Innovation is the key to a company's vitality. In order to change the market, if an instrument enterprise wants to occupy a leading position in the market competition, it needs to fully grasp the opportunity to accelerate the research and development of new products and product updates.

Forward-thinking companies often view the development of new products as an essential investment. From the past experience, once new products are put into the market and recognized by the market, they will produce obvious economic benefits and brand benefits. Imported instrument manufacturers have always been active players in new products.

Agilent introduces innovative smart gas chromatography system

On February 4, 2019, Agilent Technologies announced two new GC systems, the new Agilent 8860 and 8890 GC systems. Both systems use the innovative “smart recognition” forward-looking technology to further expand the company's Smart Interconnect GC instrument product line. The two new GC systems will join the Intuvo 9000 to provide the most suitable GC system for the lab, simplifying GC operations with intelligent functions and dramatically increasing laboratory efficiency.

Based on the innovative technology of the Intuvo 9000 GC, the 8860 and 8890 GCs are built with a next-generation circuit architecture platform that integrates an intuitive color touch screen interface. Continuous system monitoring, automated diagnostics, and built-in troubleshooting procedures will help the lab avoid unplanned downtime and increase analysis efficiency.

Thermo Scientific EVOS M7000 Automatic Live Cell Imaging System is available

Biologists need to get high-quality images and data from their cells and samples, but often don't have more time and resources to get them. The Thermo Scientific EVOS M7000 fully automated live cell imaging system is equipped with a high-end camera and more powerful. The computer can provide better images for researchers in a shorter period of time.

The EVOS M7000 microscope is the latest in a line of Thermo Scientific Cell Imaging Systems designed to meet the increasingly demanding applications of cutting-edge biology research, from observation of samples to better diagnosis of disease to analysis of the effects of drugs on tumor cells. It is equipped with a fully automated, high-precision fluorescence microscope system with an ultra-high-speed acquisition engine and a user interface developed by biologists for biologists. Agilent's new generation of gas chromatography 8890GC, 8860GC debut

Agilent held the world's first pre-release ceremony for the new generation of gas chromatography at the Shanghai plant, launching 8890GC, 8860GC two new heavy products. Agilent is the leader in global gas chromatography analysis technology. Over the past half century, Agilent GC has been an iterative every ten years and has led the development of innovative gas chromatography technologies. Until now, Agilent GC has been recognized by users in a wide range of applications in energy, chemicals, materials, food, the environment, medicine and forensics.

The 8860GC focuses on the applicability of routine analysis to meet the needs of typical routine applications and is characterized by ease of use. The 8890GC is Agilent's next-generation flagship GC, offering scalability and performance for a wider range of needs. All new GC products are compatible with OpenLab and MassHunter and enjoy the Agilent CrossLab Smart Connect service.

Sartorius Steyr introduces new disposable bioreactors and process bags

Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB), a biopharmaceutical international supplier, today announced the launch of the BIOSAT RM TX disposable bioreactor, a new wave-based hybrid system designed for the closed, automated amplification of stable cell products. And development. The new GMP platform combines SSB's one-time Flexsafe process bag technology with its expertise in biopharmaceutical automation.

With this bioreactor system, manufacturers can expand their production scale by installing a second rocking platform and Flexsafe RM TX process bag for each BIOSTAT B control unit. The system also provides a standard interface for routine monitoring and data acquisition systems as well as distributed control systems such as BioPAT MFCS and DeltaV.

At the beginning of the new year, internationally renowned instrument manufacturers such as Agilent, Thermo Fisher, and Sartorius focused on social production, asked users' needs, and stepped forward in enhancing product competitiveness, enhancing brand influence, and expanding market share. Its own differentiated development path is a model in the industry.

Add:3rd Floor, Building D, Yizhong Science and Technology Park, Jinshadun, Shuikou Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
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